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Frequently Asked Questions           

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Applicant Acknowledgment 

• I understand that Scholastic may investigate all statements contained in this application and I authorize Scholastic and/or its representatives to verify all records pertaining to my background. I also agree to release Scholastic and its representatives from any liability arising from such investigation, and I understand that any false statements on this application are grounds for dismissal or the withdrawal of any offer of employment.

• I understand that I will also be asked to provide original documentation establishing lawful employment authorization, and to certify to such, as required under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

• I understand that any offer of employment made to me by Scholastic whether accepted or not, is contingent upon investigation of this application, including the results of a reference check and/or background check or drug testing as required. In processing this employment application, Scholastic may request that a consumer report be prepared if it is relevant to the job for which I am applying. I agree that a consumer report may be prepared. I understand that I have the right to request in writing that I be informed whether or not a consumer report was requested, and, if such a report was requested, informed of the name and address of the consumer reporting agency. Scholastic may contact my previous and current employers for references with consideration to my preferences as indicated above. I understand that this application for employment will remain active for a period of 30 days following the date of submission.

• I understand that my application for employment (including, but not limited to this application form, the granting of any interview, or the fact or content of any interview) is not intended to—and shall not be construed to—create between Scholastic and me a contract of employment or for the provision of any benefits. If an employment relationship is established, I understand that I will be an employee at will, meaning that either Scholastic or I may terminate the employment relationship at any time and without reason, notice, and any further obligations.

• I certify the statements made here are complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. (A photocopy or fax of this authorization shall be considered as effective and valid as the original.)